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Tropos - ism (biology)

The turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus.


Set up by German Nieva, Tropisms is a collaborative architecture, design and research platform taking inspiration from organisms’ capacity, with time, to grow and adapt to changing environments.


Tropisms seeks to positively impact individuals, communities and habitats through environmentally conscious projects focusing on hyper-local networks and alternative strategies to building.


Tropisms looks out for collaborators, clients and organisations conscious of today’s global crisis of food, energy and finance and the need to balance profit with purpose towards a more sustainable future.

Originally from Argentina, German is a ARB/RIBA/RIAS Registered Architect, Tutor at Some Kind of Nature Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture and PhD Candidate at Design Practices Research Group at the University of Westminster. 

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