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Extension of Babassu Flour Production Facility

Serra, Maranhao, Brazil. Completed, 2020. In partnership with Estudio Flume.

The project is located in the State of Maranhao, in North Brazil and it is for a group of “quebradeiras de coco de babacu’. Babassu coconut breakers are women that collect and crack open babassu fruit to make oil out of the almonds. This group also makes flour out of the mesocarpo of the coconut. Babassu from the quebradeiras ends up in bread, cakes, cleaning materials, cosmetics, drinks, handicrafts, margarine, porridge and soap. Life for the quebradeiras has been one long, often violent struggle. Huge swathes of babassu have been knocked down by cattle-ranchers and loggers.The project aims to improve the production facilities by extending the existing building, upgrading materials and re-arranging the internal layout to meet hygienic certification. The produce then can be commercialised more extensively increasing the economic return for the group of women.
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