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Architecture for the Year 3021

“In the light of increasing human intervention and influence on geological and biologial processes, there is a need to question the underlying hubris of human intentions to control life. In this context, we hope to demonstrate that time can be used as an instrument for humility” Oron Catts and Hideo Iwasaki There is a need to understand architecture and environment beyond the boundaries of timeframes set by government changes, policy making, speculative profiting and individual’s lifespan. The new building of the future must set foundations to only be completed in a thousand years from present time and even to continue to growth spanning geological Epochs. Bio-structures generated in days will stand the rising sea levels and other environmental changes accelerated during the Anthropocene. These bioreceptive structures will grow creating opportunities for organic life to thrive establishing a closer relationship with humans, as a symbol of a renewed belief in nature.
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